Founder of Triumph International Cooperation Center.

President of Guangzhou Triumph Education Co. Ltd.

Senior advisor of Liwan District government of Guangzhou.

Senior advisor of Liwan District government of Guangzhou.

Specially appointed mentor, School of International Relations, Sun Yat-sen University of China.

Mr. Stephen Liu is an educator, socialist and mentor to youngsters with global work experience and relations. He is the bridge for cultural,educational and business exchanges between China and other countries and he has been promoting the global development of Chinese talents and Chinese enterprises. His personal motto is to make suggestions for China from a global perspective and to make suggestions for the world with Chinese wisdom.

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Mr. Stephen Liu's

Stephen Liu


Geeta Prasad

Geeta Prasad

Geeta Prasad - Head Of Education Department (Connecting Students & Universities) India.

Geeta Prasad, Entrepreneur, Trainer , Commerce and MBA graduate from top Indian university having rich experience in consulting and training in business fields for top Chinese and international universities like Sun Yat Sen University, Lingnan College, Jinan University International School and Monash University of Australia. Her experience with Indian businesses in China and teaching Chinese students for two decades has given her vast exposure to Chinese businesses and their management styles.

Her rich experience in education field and a deep understanding of both the cultures helps promote academic ties between the two countries and their youth. She is indeed an Ambassador of Indian culture and businesses.

Her passion for Travel, Trekking, Yoga ,Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine will help students find internships at various centers in India and China.